Heat That Understands You
Revolutionize your clothes with our smart AI-solution

The era of passive jackets is passing.
Jackets used to keep you warm.
Now jackets generate heat.

However, they often overheat rather than warm, and overcool rather than cool.
They waste too much energy for nothing.
Active heating and cooling systems simply don’t recognize what the human body needs, because they are not smart.

Discover the future of smart clothes.
Transform your gear into a personalized comfort zone with our revolutionary solution!
Leveraging AI-driven climate control tailored to user body’s unique biofeedback, our technology upgrades any product with active elements into a smart, adaptive comfort system.
Say goodbye to power worries!

Our advanced system ensures your body receives the exact amount of warmth or coolness needed for optimal comfort, all while boasting extended battery life.

Embrace the perfect balance of temperature and convenience for a seamless, all-day experience.

You can’t influence the weather, but you can ensure your body is comfortable.
Experience the perfect temperature balance.

  • Save up to 70% of battery life
  • No manual adjustments needed
  • Рersonalized comfort
  • Keep safe from extreme temperatures
  • Get proactive health alerts

With over a decade of experience in occupational health and extensive expertise in testing PPE and outdoor apparel, we’re your trusted partners for safety and comfort.

Count on our medical specialists to ensure the highest standards in smart clothing.

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